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OOC: To followers new and old:

Hello! If you’re still following this RP despite the past inactivity, first, I want to thank you! This has been one of my favorite RPs and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed RPing with this group and developing such great story lines with my Monchele partner in crime.

This post is to inform you that this account will remain inactive and will be kept as an archive, but I will keep playing with the 6 people who remain in A Glee Cast RPG.

We’ve all moved to A FUTURE GLEE CAST RPG, the time jump that we’ve spent weeks planning. We will begin RPing Monday or Tuesday, so please follow us there! Also, we’ve just opened for auditions, so feel free to drop in an application.

I’m so excited to keep RPing with my friends and I hope you continue to follow us.

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Texting ⇄ Cory & Lea
  • C: "Happy Birthday to the man who needs to stop knocking me up and let me work @CoryMonteith"
  • C: Just sayin. ;)
  • L: I can't say I'd be surprised if that was the tweet. xD
  • L: And thank you for getting me emotional with that sweet Mother's Day post.
Texting ⇄ Cory & Lea
  • C: Ha! Look at those tweets. You can actually see our relationship progressing. How weird is that?
  • L: You really can! I wonder what the tweet will be like next year. :)

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

You can see the progression of their relationship through her birthday tweets alone.

Texting ⇄ Cory & Lea
  • C: Don't thank me, Lea. I love you and I love our family and even the hard times ... I love everything about our life together.
  • L: I do too. I love you so much, baby. I'm glad this is your best birthday.
Texting ⇄ Cory & Lea
  • C: I'd rather be home with our son. This is perfect.
  • L: It really is. Really, thank you for making this past year the best ever. Sometimes I just stop and think about everything and it's crazy how perfect it's all turned out. So I really mean it. Thank you. I don't think I can ever say it enough.
Texting ⇄ Cory & Lea
  • C: I cannot believe you posted that when we're not in the same room. Though now you'll never have proof that you brought tears to my eyes so that kinda worked out.
  • C: Thank you, baby. I love you. This has been the best birthday yet.
  • L: I did?? I should've seen it! But I'm really glad, Cory. We can't go to Paris or anything like last year, so hopefully that message was enough.
  • L: And I did get a little emotional writing it, too. It's crazy how fast a year goes by.
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Happy birthday to the most amazing husband and father in the world.

After more than a year, I think you have a good idea of how much I love you and how much you make me feel like the luckiest girl in the universe, but it’s never gets old to continue to tell you. I never would’ve thought that when I moved out to Los Angeles and auditioned for the role of Rachel Berry for this random show called Glee that I would end up meeting the love of my life and building a home and family with him. I never would’ve thought that this show would’ve changed my life so much in so many ways and I never would’ve thought that I’d have someone like you to hold hands with through all the craziness of each endeavor. (The rest is under a cut — it gets wordy.)

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